Some of my many, many photos….

Oh my goodness..check out these beautiful eyes!  Kylie has such lovely eyes..I could just take pictures of her little face all day and night. 

Look at those eyes!

Zachary ..can we say CHEESE!!!  I just realized just how many freckles he has… cute huh?  I remember when he got his first one.  Now they are everywhere! 

Zachary - SMILE!Melody being cute

The girls just being so photogenic.  They both love being in my photos and taking photos as well.  Kylie was saying, “Cheese!”  and Melody was just being super cute! 

The girls…

Once I figure out how to upload more than one photo at a time I will be posting more.  Please bear with me as I figure this all out one day at a time. 


One thought on “Some of my many, many photos….

  1. Julie says:

    Cute kids! I love those eyes too! Gorgeous!

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