Don’t forget the after Easter Photos…

Get this FREE 4″x4″ brag book! Go here to check out the options: Lifetimez. There are several styles to choose from and they put new ones out every few weeks as well. Just sign up for the free 10 day trial and take all of those beautiful digital photos you have taken lately for the holidays, birthday’s, name it and put them into a book! You get one free just pay $7.50 shipping. The value of the book is $14.95! It is so worth it! Use my consultant number when you sign on – 435924.
They are perfect to throw into your purse and are a full 20 pages! Don’t miss out on this one either..good till June 30, 2008. If you like digital scrapbooking or book binding you really need to look into Lifetimez. You can make posters, board books, photo books, greeting cards, calendars or even chore charts!

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