Snow the day after…

The snow is over with..for now. We are due for a Nor’easter tomorrow!! Here is the forcast for tonight through Sunday:

Tonight: Clear and cold. Low: 18.

Saturday: Sunshine early, then increasing cloudiness through the afternoon – then a chance for snow at night. Snow may mix with or change to sleet, freezing rain toward daybreak. Becoming windy. Low: 18. High: 28.

Sunday: Snow or mixed precipitation (heavy at times) in the morning, ending by evening. Low: 22. High: 29.

Here are the day after photos of the snow. They are still plowing us out a bit. They really didn’t do much until this morning. It snowed a bit on and off throughout the night..just little flurries. We do have around a foot of snow..maybe a little bit more. I need to take a ruler outside to find out for But it is rather deep and will be much worse by Sunday afternoon!

We are headed to my in-laws tonight for a nice family dinner and tree decorating with the kids. It should be lots of fun. Maybe we will leave and head home not so late and pick up some necessities at the store before we get stuck at home all weekend!!


One thought on “Snow the day after…

  1. Heather says:

    you take great pictures!! While the snow sucks (and I certainly don’t miss it) the pictures are beautiful!

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