Yummy Dinner

I made the Pioneer Woman’s recipe for Chicken Spaghetti and boy was it yummy! I had to change the recipe to what I had on hand but it was very close to her recipe and I am sure it would be even better if I had everything for it. As you can see..it looks yummy right? I used chicken breast, cheddar cheese and fettucini noodles, pepper to season, Lawry’s Seasoning and cream of chicken soup as we can’t use mushrooms here. (Peter is allergic!)

The boys each had two servings and I had one and so did Kylie. Melody wouldn’t touch it but that is normal. She doesn’t eat anything!! We are working on that one. So if you aren’t afraid of an easy recipe and lots of cheese..try it out!


One thought on “Yummy Dinner

  1. Anonymous says:

    This dinner looks DELICIOUS!!!!! Have seen some of the tree photos – great job Zachary!!!!!!!!!!! Can’t wait to see it all decorated too!!! Love patty grandma mom

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