Computer problems

Well…I have a billion photos to post but at the moment..well over the past few days..our computer has decided it doesn’t want to stay open. Well not the computer itself..but the internet explorer. Which is really annoying. I can’t close a single open page of internet explorer with it not restarting itself and then I have to go back in and try again. I am trying this now..I have tried six times already tonight to post photos but it just doesn’t want to let me.

If you or anyone you know happens to know something about Windows Vista and Internet explorer problems..please send them my way!! Thanks!

One thought on “Computer problems

  1. Anonymous says:

    I know NOTHING about VISTA and Explorer but I do know that I love that photo of those 3 gorgeous children!!! All 3 smiling at the same time!!!! Only a good mother and Photographer could get THAT to happen!!!!THANKS from the grandma!!!

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