My little girl is sick. She has been diagnosed with Walking Pneumonia.

As posted on Walking pneumonia refers to pneumonia that is mild enough that you may not even know you have it. Walking pneumonia, which has also been called atypical pneumonia because it’s different from the typical bacterial pneumonia, is common in teens and is often caused by a tiny microorganism known as Mycoplasma pneumoniae. Like the typical bacterial pneumonia, walking pneumonia can also be treated with antibiotics.

What Are the Signs and Symptoms?
There are many symptoms of pneumonia, and some of them, like a cough or a sore throat, are associated with many other common infections. Often, people get pneumonia after they’ve had an upper respiratory tract infection like a cold.
Symptoms of pneumonia can include:

unusually rapid breathing
difficulty breathing
chest or abdominal pain
loss of appetite

The symptoms of pneumonia vary from person to person, and few people get all of them.
When pneumonia is caused by bacteria, the person tends to become sick quickly and develops a high fever and has difficulty breathing. When it’s caused by a virus, symptoms generally appear more gradually and may be less severe.
A person’s symptoms can help the doctor identify the type of pneumonia. Mycoplasma pneumoniae, for example, often causes headaches and sore throats in addition to the symptoms listed above.

Please pray for a quick recovery. She has been coughing for 6 weeks and just finally has gotten a fever which changed the diagnosis from a cold to walking pneumonia. My poor baby. The Dr. has prescribed an antibiotic for Melody and Kylie since walking pneumonia is contagious!! UGH!


2 thoughts on “Sickies

  1. A says:

    Poor kiddos! Hope they feel better soon.

  2. Elena says:

    Thanks for your kind wishes. I hope those kids kick this pneumonia soon! “Walking Pneumonia” sure doesn’t sound fun.

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