Kiddos and being busy, busy, busy

This week has been full of fun. Last Friday we went to the BIG E!!! I didn’t eat even half of what I thought I would. We were there from about 11am till 8:45pm. What a long day of walking around. The kids had a blast. We bought a few things for ourselves and even a Christmas Gift for someone we love. We fell in love with Emilees Italian Ices. They were in the Connecticut Building..surprise to us. I had never heard of them but boy are they yummy! I found out that they have several in the state and I am sure to take the kiddos there for a visit. We visited the cows, sheep and other animals later in the evening and the girls loved that. We even got to watch a sheep getting sheered. We even got to see two of the parades they have there daily. The first with bands from the New England states and the second a madi gras parade with beads being thrown. The girls loved that! Free necklaces for them! 🙂

Then on Tuesday we went to the Litchfield Historical Society for Preschool Tuesdays. They get kids ages 3-5 together to do some crafts and have fun and listen to a story. This is once a month for three months. Melody painted a flower pot, planted a flower in that pot, put some beans in a cup with a wet paper towel – which is already growing roots and listened to a story about flowers and had a blast. Zachary spent the time we were there roaming the house and following the clues that they set up to explore the house as a person from the period of the 1700 – 1800’s. I think we will have to go again just to check out the house itself. Zachary loves history so it was a fun day for him. He got to hang out with his friend who is the big brother of another Homeschooling Mom we it was a nice day for them both.
Zachary has been involved in town soccer as well as Homeschool Soccer on Fridays. Fridays are very long days of soccer for us. He plays from 2-3:30 for Homeschool soccer and then from 5:45 to about 7pm for town soccer. He is exhausted by the end of the day. He also plays usually two to three games a week with town soccer. Thanks Grandma and Grandpa for the soccer is sure getting a work out this year!!
This Saturday we are hoping to head to the Yale Peabody Museum after Peter gets out of work. We haven’t been in years and I know the kids will love it. We got a free pass for two people to use to get in so that saves us about $14! I love free stuff. Smithsonian Magazine is giving away free admission for Museum Day on Saturday, September 29th! Take a look and see what fun museums you can check out for almost free this weekend. Even if you are an adult..take a walk around somewhere you haven’t been in the state you live in. You can find all kinds of fun places to visit. The museum day pass is good for you and a guest so take a friend or loved one too!
I am still having problems with the computer and can’t get to any photos or even put any new ones on the computer right please bear with me as I still work on fixing this problem. I love sharing my photos with you all but at the moment this lovely computer won’t let me. UGH!

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