Lately our computer has been on the fritz and now I can’t get any photos downloaded so there won’t be any photos posted until that is fixed. I just got the printer finally fixed and running again..after trying since Tuesday!! Being that it is Saturday I am glad it is if only the pictures would work too..or the external hard drive. Those are two things that are going to drive me nuts until they work properly again. I have several thousand photos on the external hard drive and if it doesn’t work again..I am going to loose my mind. It should work perfectly well just by plugging in the hard drive..but it doesn’t do anything but come up with Windows does not recognize something that was just plugged in…are you kidding me!!?? We have windows VISTA and I have a feeling this is part of it. Lets just hope it all is over and done with soon!!


One thought on “Problems

  1. mo*reezy says:

    bummer about your computer and pics! At least they’re on the hard drive and not floating around unpreserved. i’ve heard nothing but trouble about vista.

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