Miserable Fundraiser Event

Well I have to say…my fundraiser was a flop. Not a single order from anyone. How sad to say the least. I was just hoping for a few orders to bring in a little extra cash for some of the great events going on here in the state for kids. But alas..not a one..so we will be hanging at the library instead I guess just pretending to do those things.
Today we went to the playground and met up with several other Homeschool moms in the area and their kids. The girls had a blast as did Zachary playing with his new friends. We just got home a few minutes ago and Kylie is sleeping like a baby on the couch. She passed out within minutes of leaving the playground. I will post photos later today. I am ready for a nap too..but am waiting for Melody to finish eating then we will get as much of the sand off of her as we can and get her in bed then up for a nice long bath for both girls! They just love the sandbox at the playground!

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