Who’s who!?

Ok…now you have to try to guess! Which photo is Melody and which one is Kylie!? Please post your guesses in the comment section and I will let you all know at a future date. Happy Guessing!

4 thoughts on “Who’s who!?

  1. Kimbie says:

    Melody is in the top picture and Kylie is in the bottom. They look alot alike, but Kylie has a longer thinner face than Melody. (watch I’m probably totally wrong..lol) Email me and let me know if I’m right or not.

  2. Katherine says:

    The top one is Melody and the bottom one is Kylie… the hair gives it away 🙂 Nice pictures!!! –Kat

  3. mo*reezy says:

    Melody top, Kylie bottom. But I had to look for a really long time!
    cuties, all around.

  4. Amy Liz says:

    Top one is Melody, bottom one is Kylie. Cute pictures!

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