So I try all the time to get some really cute photos of myself with the kids or just the kids on their own or my sweet husband with any of the kids…below are a few of my most recent favorites!
Daddy and Kylie cuddling.
Sisters! (Family members…you know the song!)
My three cuties cuddling together. Melody insisted that she get to hold Kylie.
The three cuties again!
Melody showing me her smile including her teeth. 🙂
A photo of myself with Kylie that Zachary took for me…not bad for a 10 year old!
Even if I do say it kids are just adorable! They sure keep me busy, they give me hugs and kisses and make me laugh all day long. I would never want anything else in the world but them. Remember…love your children and let them know you love them daily.

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