Here Kitty….

Lastnight Melody decided to become a Kitty. She went over to the spot where our cat Frisky usually sits and sat down herself. She then started to pretend to lick her “paws” and laugh. Peter and I both looked at her at the same time and both laughed. We asked, “Melody what are you doing?” She responded, “I am being a Kitty!” I am hoping she might do it again and let me get a photo or video of it happening. It was just too cute!


2 thoughts on “Here Kitty….

  1. Anonymous says:

    I think MGM (notice HER initials) has dramatic talent which should not be ignored – not that she’d let you anyway !!!! She is always thinking and is developing quite a good sense of humor!!!! Meow, meow!!!! Grandma

  2. mo*reezy says:

    and her cousin has been doing this: “I a dog, Mommy. ruff ruff! I T-bone!” (T-bone is the name of our friend’s dog.) So cute! Can’t wait to see them all in june!

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