Ok..here are a bunch of new photos….

Happy Valentines Day! Boy is it hard to get three kids to sit together at the same time!

Well gee…aren’t I cute! Hey Zacky..come play with me. After all…these once were your toys.
Oh man..what can I get into now?? 🙂
Happy Babies! Right after their bath. (Above and below)
Melody with Daddy …laughing because I was taking her picture even though she didn’t want me to take any.
Just adorable…not a thing else to say after filling up her tummy.

OMG..watch her go! 7/21/07..7 months old and WALKING!!!
and going…
and going…
ohhh…almost there….
YAY! Daddy is home and I made it!

Ok…one last one just because she is sooo cute!
I still can’t believe she is walking. Ok, yes I can…Zachary was using this same walker at 6 1/2 months and Melody at 7 months..so yes..I can believe it but it is still hard to truly believe. My very last baby is walking already! She is also wearing 12 – 18 month clothing! Gee…can I just keep her at this age forever? PLEASE? I just love it!

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