260 – 291/365

So apparently I have been way, way behind on my posts!  Here are ALL of my pictures from September 16 – October 17, 2010!


Today we celebrated the girl’s birthday’s at March Farm’s in Bethlehem.  It was a fantastic day ..hot, humid and only a quick shower later in the day.  We got VERY lucky!  Our friends and family came out to have some fun in the party area and on the lake.  Many went to pick strawberries or blueberries as well!  We took him almost five pounds of blueberries!  YUMMY!  I love fresh picked fruit!  The girls both received some truly wonderful birthday gifts and couldn’t wait to dig into the bags when we got home to start playing!  Thank you everyone who made it out today!

125 – 139/365


Ok..so once again I have fallen behind on my photo posting so here are the photos from the past few days.